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Why Join?

EDCC unifies the economic community through high-quality educational opportunities, advocacy, and support.

When you become a member of EDCC, you begin promoting effective, responsible economic development while encouraging vibrant communities. EDCC will add value to your economic development efforts by giving you the tools and relationships you need to succeed.

Membership is recommended for rural and urban, public and private-sector, local and state government, chambers of commerce, universities and private industry stakeholders.

Membership Levels & Benefits

EDCC offers memberships for economic development organizations and private sector companies. Click a link below to jump to section:

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Who are our members?

Join our diverse network of Colorado economic development professionals and gain access to valuable tools and resources for success. 

Membership: Economic Development Organizations

Economic Development memberships are intended for economic development organizations, city, county or regional governments, chambers of commerce, workforce development, or any non-private sector entities involved in economic development.

Membership levels are based on organization size and benefits extend to all employees, board members, or elected officials.


Membership Benefits

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EDCC fosters the function of the economic development profession in Colorado through relevant conferences and professional development opportunities.

  • EDCC provides internationally accredited courses each year, from basic economic development to specialized industry topics. EDCC collaborates with Arizona and New Mexico to bring IEDC courses closer to Colorado, reducing travel and expenses to make certification more attainable.
  • Annual conferences and forums focused on education and economic development issues.
  • EDCC’s Mentorship Program matches experienced member practitioners with members interested in growth and development based on similar interests and specific needs.

Investment in EDCC enables public sector involvement to shape and lobby for policies related to economic development.

  • Regular in-session legislative updates.
  • State legislator interaction at annual legislator luncheon.
  • Provide an avenue for local and regional issues to be shared and understood by statewide leaders.
  • Actively shape legislation and policy with EDCC’s Public Policy Committee and lobbying firm.

Engagement in EDCC enables state and local leaders, economic development professionals, and the private sector to work in partnership to elevate the economic development professional through valuable membership tools and resources.

  • Access to a membership directory of organizations and individuals devoted to improving Colorado’s economy.
  • EDCC conferences and events provide a platform to build valuable relationships with others linked to the industry.
  • Access to Colorado’s premier EDO Marketplace designed to help professionals connect throughout the year through forums, webinars, and industry specific resources produced by EDCC Members and Strategic Partners.
  • Data analysis reviewed by our Data Committee designed to help you build or compile data specific to your needs.
  • Opportunities to grow your leadership skills by serving on the EDCC’s Committees and Board of Directors.
  • Reduced rate on conference registrations
  • Free job and RFP/RFQ postings on EDCC’s website

SMALL | $250

For organizations with one economic development professional or full time staff

MEDIUM | $500

For organizations with up to four economic development professionals or full time staff

LARGE | $1,000

For organizations with more than four economic development professionals or full time staff

Membership: Private Sector

The Economic Development Council of Colorado (EDCC) is a professional organization dedicated to strengthening Colorado’s economy. By unifying organizations involved in economic development and the private sector in a balanced partnership, EDCC provides statewide opportunities and benefits unique to the industry.

Our private sector members have direct access to economic development professionals across the state, play an active role in the formulation of state policy that sustains a healthy business climate, access to tools, resources, our vender program and many opportunities to engage.


Membership Benefits

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EDCC has an active lobbying presence at the Capitol to promote and advocate for sensible business legislation and policy. EDCC provides the private sector a voice in local, regional and national issues related to business policy and economic development.

  • Weekly updates on what is happening at the Capitol
  • State legislator interaction at our annual legislative luncheon
  • Actively shape legislation and policy with EDCC’s Public Policy Committee and lobbying firm

EDCC provides the private sector direct access to economic development professionals across the state to facilitate relationships and access to a network of professionals who are the institutional backbone to local real estate and business development policy and involved with entitlement and development incentives.

  • Regional and statewide conferences
  • Member directory of individuals, organizations and vendors devoted to improving Colorado’s economy
  • Opportunity to serve on EDCC’s Board of Directors and Committees

Members play an active role in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development & International Trade (OEDIT) in the formulation of state policy and programming to support a robust business climate. Private sector involvement supports building a well-educated and nimble economic development community throughout Colorado to help advance the state’s economic priorities.

  • Share industry knowledge with our members to demonstrate the value of your business or organization
  • Advocacy and marketing of company goals and programs that directly impact the economic development community
  • Advocate on behalf of your industry and collaborate with like-minded professionals
  • Connect with our extensive list of statewide partners who we actively work with on programs and policies that shape our successful business climate