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EDCC Legislative Platform

EDCC is committed to successful, responsible economic development across Colorado. Through business retention, expansion and recruitment programs, EDCC helps increase wealth for Colorado Communities while helping to fund programs and services necessary to constituents.

The Economic Development Council of Colorado (EDCC) is a statewide, nonprofit organization dedicated to successful and responsible economic development. The EDCC represents the economic development interests of both the private and public sectors throughout the state. Our mission is to position the EDCC as the premier statewide organization for strengthening Colorado’s economy.

Economic development is the profession and practice that seeks to create economic prosperity in a community. It is accomplished through the attraction, retention, and expansion of primary businesses that create jobs and increase wealth for the community and state. Our goal is to create first-class business retention, expansion, and recruitment programs for businesses. Growth in the economy increases revenues at the state and local level and allows government to fund the programs and services that are necessary and desired by citizens.

We advocate on behalf of:

A Healthy Business Climate

• Support a stable, predictable regulatory environment that seeks to identify and eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies.

• Advocate for appropriate review of need and cost of compliance before repealing, amending, or creating regulations, taxes, or fees.

• Support legislation that advocates and encourages workforce stability.

Effective, Well-Maintained Infrastructure

• Encourage innovative ideas that fund all types of transportation and infrastructure related projects to make Colorado a better place to do business.

• Support statewide efforts in the development of a diverse energy economy to help make Colorado a national leader in energy development which contributes to our robust economy.

• Ensure access to utilities and broadband for predictable and reliable services to businesses in rural and urban areas.


A Capable, Well-Educated Workforce

• Support our training partners, community colleges, and universities in their missions to better educate and supply Colorado businesses with a highly educated and competitive workforce.

• Support initiatives that provide and expand workforce competencies, including career and technical training to students at all levels of the educational system.

• Support our workforce and small business development partners in their efforts to create and sustain a quality workforce and provide access to meaningful employment for all Coloradoans, which energizes statewide economic vitality.