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Is the Ongoing Water Crisis an Economic Development Issue?

Is the Ongoing Water Crisis an Economic Development Issue?

Back by popular demand… is the ongoing water crisis an Economic Development issue?

Known as The Headwaters State, Colorado has 156 named rivers that originate in its headwater regions. Seventeen of them exceed 10,000 square kilometers. Colorado doesn’t have a water shortage problem; it has a water management problem. Continued warming, poor snowpack and low river flows have devastated available water supplies to our farmers, ranchers, cities, towns, and industries. This impacts how Colorado will retain its industry base, build attainable homes and grow enough food for its labor shed. You guessed it, water IS an Economic Development issue and Colorado’s Economic Development community will be forced to tackle this unprecedented threat.

Join us in welcoming a panel of subject matter experts as we discuss water and how it pertains to our economic development efforts, discuss potential policies and programs incentivizing education, conservation, and land use. Outcomes, additional information, data, and resources will be compiled into a timely thought leadership paper that can guide our professionals when engaging in conversations and actions at the local level.


Moderator: James Eklund, Water Law Attorney, Sherman & Howard

  • Eric Wallace, Founder/Owner, Left Hand Brewing Co, Past Chair of the Brewer’s Association and Colorado Brewers Guild
  • Emily Hunt, Deputy Infrastructure Director for Water, City of Thornton
  • Michael Bartolo, Extension Specialist Emeritus, Colorado State University
  • Travis Smith, Water Specialist, National Wild Turkey Federation


This one-of-kind virtual event will get to the heart of these issues, provide data to back up theories developed in the exploration, to result in a thought-leader position report that our professionals will be able to use to help guide conversations and actions at the local level. (Read our latest paper on “Mapping the Supply Chain”)

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