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Mapping the Supply Chain

Mapping the Supply Chain


Supply chain disruptions have been a key headline for more than two years. From electronics, to automobiles, baby formula, steel and toilet paper, we’ve experienced global shortages of the things that we use and expect everyday. At a broad level, we understand there are many factors that have influenced this breakdown of a system that we assumed to be stable and precise. However, the warning signs of breakdown have been building for years. COVID’s impact has been multi-faceted in further upending a tenuous link of chains that ensure we get what we want.



Moderator: Rob Newbold, Director of Client Services, Manufacturer’s Edge

  • Mark Schmit, Manager of National Accounts, Manufacturing Extension Partnership
  • Nico Thomas, Performance Analyst, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Bret Boyd, Cofounder and CEO, Sustainment
  • Jennifer Hagan-Dier, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Manufacturer’s Edge

Thought Leadership Paper:
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This one-of-kind virtual event will get to the heart of these issues, provide data to back up theories developed in the exploration, to result in a thought-leader position report that our professionals will be able to use to help guide conversations and actions at the local level. (Read our latest paper on “Labor Shortages and Supply Chain Woes”)

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