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Pinyon Expands Services into the Area of Sustainability & Resilience


Pinyon is thrilled to announce that we are expanding our services to provide our clients with a wide range of sustainability and resilience expertise to support the development and implementation of actionable strategies addressing environmental, climate, and social impacts. This new offering is fully integrated with Pinyon’s suite of biological, environmental, engineering, and cultural services, to provide a holistic approach to developing solutions that are tailored to best meet our clients end goals and needs.

Our capabilities begin with the practical knowledge of sustainability and resilience in relation to infrastructure, facility operations, campus management, business operations and public space. From there, we can assist our clients with strategic plans for sustainable improvement and implementation of those plans to deliver on key performance metrics.
Our service areas include sustainability benchmarking and certification. As a charter member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), Pinyon’s team is comprised of several certified Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SP). Through collaboration with the project management team, our ENV-SPs help to design and develop sustainability strategies in accordance with the ISI Envision Sustainability framework. Our team is adept at scaling this framework to the type and size of any project.

Our new Sustainability and Resilience Team has over 20 years of combined experience in sustainability program development; operational resilience planning; community engagement; environmental, health, and safety compliance (EH&S); and development of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified programs; Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards; sustainability reporting; and urban planning. The team is excited to work collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to develop and evaluate innovative strategies that align to an organization’s values and support long term improvement in social, environmental, and economic performance.