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Onboarding New Elected Officials & Leadership

Onboarding New Elected Officials & Leadership

If there was one lesson that came out of the pandemic, the power of collaboration and connectivity has led to incredible advancements in today’s economy. EDCC continues its tradition of fostering a network of economic development professionals in this 2-part series, that will strengthen the performance of Economic Development Organizations (EDO), cultivate industry connections, and promote the industry and profession that will contribute to a robust constellation of EDO’s across Colorado.


  • Cultivate high-performing Economic Development Organizations.
  • Strengthen Colorado’s constellation of Economic Development Organizations across the state.
  • Build a professional development network that nurturer’s well-educated and engaged professionals.

About this Webinar:

Election season has now passed. Newly elected officials and leadership will be in place before the new year. Now is the time to connect with them.

Learn from EDCC’s Economic Development professionals and stakeholders on how to onboard your new leaders and effectively communicate the value and importance of Economic Development and the programs your community has in place.


  • Jake Rishavy, Executive Director, Chaffee County EDC
  • Ginny Sawyer, Policy & Project Manager, City of Ft. Collins
  • Jaclyn Terwey, Legislative & Policy Advocate, Colorado Municipal League
  • Rich Werner, EDCC’s Public Policy Chair; President & CEO, Upstate Colorado
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