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Harnessing the Power of Industry Clusters

Harnessing the Power of Industry Clusters

If there was one lesson that came out of the pandemic, the power of collaboration and connectivity has led to incredible advancements in today’s economy. EDCC continues its tradition of fostering a network of economic development professionals in this 2-part series, that will strengthen the performance of Economic Development Organizations (EDO), cultivate industry connections, and promote the industry and profession that will contribute to a robust constellation of EDO’s across Colorado.


  • Cultivate high-performing Economic Development Organizations.
  • Strengthen Colorado’s constellation of Economic Development Organizations across the state.
  • Build a professional development network that nurturer’s well-educated and engaged professionals.

About this Webinar:

On the heels of two recent announcements – NSF Colorado-Wyoming Climate Resilience Engine and the Regional Technology and Innovation Hub (Tech Hub) focused on the advancement of the quantum industry – both aiming to build two industry clusters for the State of Colorado, EDCC will dissect the significance of industry clustering, unveiling the ‘why’ behind this practice, and how every corner of Colorado stands to benefit from these initiatives.

Industry clusters are the backbone of regional economies, playing a pivotal role in driving economic growth and fostering resilience. Discover how the concentration of related industries in specific areas leads to enhanced productivity, encourages knowledge exchange, drives technological advancements, and cultivates entrepreneurial opportunities.

Whether you’re a business leader, policymaker, economic development professional, or academic, this webinar offers invaluable insights into harnessing the power of industry clusters to drive regional prosperity and economic resilience.

Moderator: Clif Harald, Founder and Principal, First Flatiron Consulting


  • Mike Freeman, CEO, PI, NSF Colo-Wyo Climate Resilience Engine
  • J.B. Holston, Senior Advisor on Sustainable, Inclusive Growth to Government, Philanthropy and Business
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