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Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law to Regulate Funeral Facilities, Create More Housing Now through Historical Preservation, and Strengthen Colorado’s Thriving Agricultural Sector


The Governor started the day in Denver to sign bills that create more comprehensive guidelines for funeral facilities, protecting Colorado families and their loved ones.

  •  SB24-173 – Regulate Mortuary Science Occupations, sponsored by Senator Dylan Roberts and Bob Gardner, and Representatives Matt Soper and Brianna Titone.
  • HB24-1335 Sunset Continue Mortuary Science Code Regulation, sponsored by Representatives Matt Soper and Brianna Titone, and Senators Dylan Roberts and Bob Gardner.
  • HB24-1254 – Sunset Regulation of Nontransplant Tissue Banks, sponsored by Representatives Eliza Hamrick and Brandi Bradley, and Senator Jim Smallwood.

“When grieving the loss of a loved one, the last thing a family should worry about is the trustworthiness and professionalism of those entrusted to care for the person who has passed. I am proud to be signing these bills to require state inspections of facilities and create stronger standards for these facilities,” said Governor Polis.

Later in the day, Governor Polis will visit Alamosa to sign legislation that provides tax credits for the preservation of historical buildings, creating more housing opportunities for Coloradans.

  • HB24-1314 Modification Tax Credit Preservation Historic Structures, sponsored by Representatives Megan Lukens and Mathew Martinez, and Senators Julie Gonzales and Perry Will.

“The rehabilitation of historical houses is part of our work to provide more housing now in Colorado, while preserving what keeps Colorado special. By providing tax credits to renovate historic buildings, we are supporting more housing options and saving Coloradans money,” said Governor Polis.

Governor Polis will also sign legislation in Alamosa to strengthen Colorado’s thriving agricultural sector with tax credits for farmers and ranchers that support green infrastructure projects and agricultural stewardship practices.

  • SB24-037 – Study Green Infrastructure for Water Quality Management, sponsored by Senators Cleave Simpson and Jeff Bridges, and Representatives Mike Lynch and Karen McCormick.
  • HB24-1249Tax Credit Agricultural Stewardship Practices, sponsored by Representatives Ty Winter and Matthew Martinez, and Senators Rod Pelton and Dylan Roberts.

“Protecting our water resources and strengthening our agriculture industry go hand in hand and these bills move us closer to both goals. I am excited to be signing bills that will support leading agricultural stewardship efforts that benefit farmers and ranchers,” said Governor Polis.