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Championing Vitality in Colorado

Promoting a Vibrant Colorado economy

As EconDev professionals, we know just how important economic development is to a community’s well-being and quality of life. We also know that creating long-lasting and meaningful change requires the support and collaboration of the citizens within each community. It is our responsibility to celebrate the programs and services offered by our local, regional, and state economic development organizations.

Activate Your Community & Support Network

Colorado is a diverse state, however, in every region and community, we find that change is inevitable. When it comes to championing change, it’s critical to build your economic development team, engage elected officials, and highlight your achievements.

Utilize our Community Activation Checklist to rally the troops, build hype for economic development, and engage elected officials.

Share Your Community Success Story

The best way to highlight your achievements and gain additional support is by sharing your economic development success stories. Submit your stories to EDCC, and we will publish them to our full network!

Champion Vitality During Economic Development Week 2023!

Join EDCC & DCI along with our state and federal program partners, OEDIT, DOLA, CWDC, Manufacturer’s Edge, USDA & EDA, as we celebrate Colorado’s Economic Development ecosystem!


The Economic Development Council of Colorado (EDCC) and Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) are once again teaming up in 2023 to bring an award-winning, week-long celebration of educational webinars and a social media campaign highlighting Colorado’s Economic Development successes.

Join our celebration by sharing your community’s economic development stories during our daily social media campaigns! Be sure to tag EDCC and DCI, and use #COEconDevWeek23 and #EconDevWeek23 to join the conversation.

What is Economic Development Week?

National Economic Development Week was created by the International Economic Development Council in 2016 to increase awareness of local programs and services that create jobs, advance career development opportunities and increase quality of life among our communities.

How You Can Participate

We encourage you and your community to share accomplishments, network, and learn how to champion vitality in Colorado. Participate by attending our webinars and joining our daily social media conversations—follow our themes below, and be sure to tag EDCC and DCI, and use #COEconDevWeek23 and #EconDevWeek in your social media posts!

Ready to share your story?

Download EDCC’s Social Media Toolkit to enhance your ED Week experience.


Throughout the week, plan to participate in our daily themes by sharing your story on social media (tag EDCC and use #COEconDevWeek23). Increase your knowledge by registering for our ED Week webinars. 


Thank you to our program partners