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Financing Grocery Stores for Community Benefit

The Colorado Fresh Food Financing Fund (CO4F) is a program designed to provide financial assistance to grocery retailers working on the forefront of food access issues. CO4F was capitalized by The Colorado Health Foundation, the Piton Foundation, the Colorado Trust, and Kaiser, to provide low interest loans and gap grant financing to grocery retail operations across the state. CO4F specifically funds businesses directly serving low-to-moderate income Coloradans, with the understanding that access to healthy food can have a direct connection to overall community health.

Since 2013, CO4F has funded or committed close to $7 million for an array of fresh food access projects across Colorado communities. From a small, locally managed cooperative in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood to a community-owned and operated grocery store in rural Walsh, the variety of projects CO4F has been able to finance speaks to the universal need -and right- to fresh food access for all. As a program, CO4F understands the challenges small businesses and cooperatives face when it comes to finding support and financing for grocery retail. Our mission is to bridge the financing gap for people working on the challenge of providing healthy food retail to their neighbors, regardless of income or economic status.

We see the unique role grocery stores play in all communities; beyond providing fresh food access, they also serve as economic anchors and community development drivers. Grocery retailers can also keep dollars circulating within neighborhoods and towns, while supporting a diverse workforce. For more information, visit  or contact Andrea