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Knowledge Network Series III

Advocacy for Leadership in your Community!

How to become the advocate for economic development and leader in your community

December 8, 2021 | 10 – 11:30 a.m.

One of the many key responsibilities of a highly successful economic developer is to build community support and raise public awareness around economic development issues. Seems easy enough right? Yet, this is one of the hardest responsibilities to execute. In this hour and half presentation, practitioners will engage with highly successful practitioners around the state, on garnering support for high-impact community projects, which in turn, brings community awareness back to the organization.

Elements of discussion will include:

  • Building Community Support
  • Raising Public Awareness
  • Developing Partnerships
  • Building Coalitions

We learned a lot last year about the power of collaboration and connectivity. EDCC wants to continue fostering a network of economic development professionals in this 3-part series, that will strengthen the performance of Economic Development Organizations (EDO), cultivate industry connections, and promote the industry and profession that will contribute to a robust constellation of EDO’s across Colorado.


  • Cultivate high-performing Economic Development Organizations.
  • Strengthen Colorado’s constellation of Economic Development Organizations across the state.
  • Build a professional development network that nurturer’s well-educated and engaged professionals.

Moderator: Shannon Hein, Buisness Specialist, Economic Health Office of the City of Fort Collins


  • Jeff Holwell, Economic Development Director, City of Lone Tree
  • Marla Akridge, Executive Director, Leadville Lake County Economic Development Corporation
  • Cilia Kohn, Director of Marketing & Communications, Grand Junction Economic Partnership
  • Rich Werner, President & CEO, Upstate Colorado Economic Development