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Regional Economic Development Forum – Region 12

Join us in Silverthorne

Presented in Partnership with
Northwest Colorado Council of Governments
& Colorado Department of Local Affairs

May. 7, 2020 | 8:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m. | Silverthorne Pavillion

Cost $35

EDCC brings together economic development professionals from across the state to explore the developments, trends, and future of Colorado’s economic climate. Conference attendees represent cities from across the state, businesses and corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, universities and more. With inspiring speakers and interactive sessions, attendees have the unique opportunity to exchange fresh ideas with influential leaders, leaving with new strategies and tools to take their organizations to the next level, and LEAD Colorado’s economic performance to new heights.

This growing one-day forum, is the premier statewide event, that gathers over 200 statewide economic development stakeholders and explores the latest developments, trends, and the future of Colorado’s economic climate.

Access a broad network of economic development professionals from local, state, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Sponsorship’s available in most categories.


In everything we do, the EDCC is dedicated to successful, responsible economic development. We are committed to growing the economic climate of Colorado to the mutual benefit of employees, employers, governments and citizens.

The Regional Economic Development Forums will cover topics that target regional issues and provide substantive content for all EDCC members.

They will serve as an opportunity to engage EDCC members’ communities, businesses, and local leaders, and to support them in promoting successful and responsible economic development.

The one-day forums will also provide a platform for the hosting community to showcase successful economic development initiatives and provide lessons learned to attendees.

EDCC gathers our members in each region to discover the strengths, challenges, and opportunities of their region. With that dicovery, topics form, speakers are invited, communities – business leaders – elected officials – econonmic development stakeholders are gathered.

The information shared along with the collaboration of those in the room create a unique opportunity for the region to paint the way forward to economic success only unique to them. 

 Would you or someone you know want to speak at our event? Or would you like to host this event in your community? Drop us a line below for more details!

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