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Certek Heat Machines USA Changes Ownership

Certek Heat Machine’s new CEO Dominic Jones and his wife, Felicia Jones, CFO, have assumed ownership of the company’s US based operations, headquartered in Grand Junction. The couple purchased the business from Felicia’s parents, who are moving on from the company. They will make it official with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on August 6 organized by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.
Certek Heating Solutions is a leader in portable heating solutions. It was founded over 15 years ago in Canada and now operates multiple branches across North America. A family-run business from the start, Felicia worked at the company since she was a teenager. Felicia would travel often to the US to train staff where she met her future husband and business partner, Dominic Jones, and she eventually moved to Grand Junction when they got married.
A California transplant, Dominic worked his way up at Certek in 2010 as a bottom level field worker to Operations Manager, and after a short hiatus, coming back as Director and now owner and CEO. In the last two and a half years, under his leadership, the Grand Junction facility has seen tremendous growth, which Dominic attributes to streamlining operations, assembling an “all-star” team of highly skilled workers, and finding new avenues for the company’s niche services.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Certek has been able to pivot. Instead of supporting energy clients in the extraction process, the company began working with clients ‘midstream’ in order to transport product that’s already been extracted.
Additionally, Certek found ways to support the community by supplying one of its heating machines to Homeward Bound, a local homeless shelter. The company is now working with Homeward Bound to provide an ongoing service that will decontaminate the shelters with heat treatment.
“We work all over the U.S. Now we are looking at how to do more locally,” said Dominic. “This is where we live. If we can help at all, we’ll do it.”
Certek was approved for the Rural Jump-Start Zone tax credit earlier this year – an incentive the company plans to use to expand with a new, local manufacturing division that will produce Kodiaks, Certek’s most versatile heating unit. Expansion plans include both capital investment and hiring of new employees at the Grand Junction facility over the next three years.