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Building an Economy for All

Building an Economy for All

Have you heard of “quiet quitting?” Have you also heard companies say they are struggling to hire any new staff, let alone qualified employees? These two questions meet at the convergence of job quality and equity. Businesses and organizations that promote and engage in quality jobs and equitable communities can conquer this challenge in a way that provides employers with a skilled, engaged workforce and Coloradans with meaningful employment. Combined, these result in individual, corporate, and statewide economic prosperity. Join this session to learn more and hear from a panel of Coloradans who will discuss what job quality and equity look like in their businesses and communities.



  • Moderator: Erin Young, Employer Coach, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Founder/CEO Red Buffalo Coffee & Tea
  • Nancy Zimmer, Business Service Specialist at the Pueblo Workforce Center
  • Adam Crowe, Economic Development Manager, Larimer County Workforce Center
  • David Lewis, Founder/CFO, On-in-2, Inc., and Director of Golf at Walking Stick Golf Course
  • Ron A Francis, Chief Executive Officer, indieDwell Colorado
  • Shelby Hayes, Human Resources Director, Solvista Health

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