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West Colfax BID in Denver Receives Revitalizing Main Streets Grant to create “Under the Colfax Viaduct Community Night Markets”

The West Colfax Business Improvement District (WCBID) in Denver received a Revitalizing Main Streets grant award of $44,700 to create a community space, night market and mobility improvements below the Colfax Viaduct in the Sun Valley neighborhood near Empower Field at Mile High. The “Under the Colfax Viaduct Community Night Markets” project is in collaboration with Denver Streets Partnership and the Westside Stadium Community Coalition. CDOT has also been involved in stakeholder and planning meetings for the project.

“We’re excited to see this community space come to life and become a new gathering spot for Coloradans,” said Governor Jared Polis. “Whether it’s walking or cycling to this new night market, this state grant award will give the local community more options to safely arrive at a new destination that will help our economy.”

“A lot of community collaboration, thought, and time went into making this project possible and we are thrilled to contribute to creating better and safer active transportation opportunities in a creative way through the night markets in Sun Valley,” CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew said. “CDOT is excited to be involved in bringing these community visions to life.”

Funding from the Revitalizing Main Streets grant award will help in purchasing the infrastructure to create a vibrant and inviting space under the Colfax Viaduct which can be accessed through walking, cycling, or using nearby transit options. The timeline for bringing the night market to life is approximately eight months. Illuminated artwork, bike parking and wayfinding to reach the event space will draw residents to the market and establish the area under the viaduct as part of active transportation routes.

“The West Colfax BID is delighted to work with our partners in Sun Valley on an art and light installation under the Colfax Viaduct for a series of night markets,” said WCBID Executive Director Dan Shah. “Working with the Denver Streets Partnership to expand access by bike, walking and transit through wayfinding and mobility enhancements- this concept brings to life the Sun Valley community’s concept for an international market destination under the viaduct. The market will feature cuisines from residents from around the world, and entrepreneurial opportunities for the vendors.”

This project is part of WCBID’s larger effort to reimagine the structure to serve as a safe means of mixed-use passage for residents, commuters and tourists in one of Denver’s busiest transportation corridors. Below is a rendering of what WCBID, Denver Streets Partnership and the Westside Stadium Community Coalition hope to create with the night markets, an idea that is years in the making.

“This is so exciting and we look forward to working with CDOT and public, private and community partners on this catalytic project. Transformation of the area under the Colfax Viaduct into vibrant pedestrian walkways and community space for an international market has been voiced as a community priority throughout every Sun Valley neighborhood planning process for the past 12 years, and is one that the Westside Stadium Community Coalition is pursuing long term in its Community Benefits Agreement for the Stadium District redevelopment,” said President of the Sun Valley registered neighborhood organization and member of Westside Stadium Community Coalition Steering Committee Jeanne Granville, “The CDOT grant provides for the placemaking, wayfinding and infrastructure that will creatively showcase and celebrate the talents and cultures of emerging Sun Valley and Westside food vendors, artisans and entertainers in a Night Market managed by our very own Sun Valley Kitchen & Community Center.”