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Southern Colorado Regional Forum…it’s all about collaboration

EDCC’s inaugural regional forum to be held in Southern Colorado is less than one week away! If you haven’t signed up to join us – it isn’t too late. Our Region 4 and Region 7 partners have been working diligently for months to put together great content for the forum that will not only share about some of the amazing projects going on in Southern Colorado communities, but also will provide wonderful examples of the collaboration it often takes by economic development professionals, elected officials, private business, government and even local citizens in order to get to the finish line with important issues facing our communities from securing critical water supply to the installation of broadband infrastructure necessary for businesses to grow and thrive. I think we can all say that only when we collaborate can we truly make a monumental difference in our communities, regions and state.

We’ve worked hard to bring a program to the forum that will provide relevant content to everyone no matter if you’re from a larger metro area or in a rural environment. I’m always excited and encouraged to learn about the extraordinary things my peers are doing to move their communities forward and the unique challenges and circumstances they’ve been able to overcome in order to get it done.

I hope you can join us as we gain insight about what’s going on in Southern Colorado, share some of our challenges, discover innovative ways to grow our communities, and celebrate some amazing success stories of collaboration. See you there!

–Tammy Fields, EDCC Board Member (Southeast Colorado)