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Remote Job Fair Follow-up

Energize Colorado brought four companies with 100+ jobs to rural Colorado for the Remote Job Fair on January 13, 2021. Deviating from a traditional job fair, this event focused exclusively on engaging local leaders in our rural communities to come together, learn more about the jobs, and what is needed to ensure success in these rural communities. More than 40 champions joined from across the great state, tuning in to learn, ask questions, and gauge whether these jobs were a fit for their communities and whether their community was a fit for these jobs.

Energize Colorado spent the summer of 2020 exploring the challenges and opportunities of flexible work. Talking to 50+ organizations and individuals, one of the main conclusions was that although Boulder and Denver are known nationally as being top remote work locations, this notoriety is not shared with the rest of Colorado. Energize Colorado identified the  disparities in transparency, tools, and brokering these relationships between companies and communities. With these learnings, Energize piloted one of the first Remote Work Job Fairs dedicated just to rural Colorado. These following companies committed to hiring a combined total of over 100 remote jobs:

  1. Pax8, simplifies the way organizations buy, sell, and manage cloud solutions, empowering our partners to achieve more with cloud technology
  2. JumpCloud, a next-generation cloud directory platform
  3. billtrust, a leading provider of order-to-cash solutions
  4. Guild Education, reinventing training and higher education pathways to increase economic mobility for working adults

These four companies know that it is not just about hiring quality workers, but also retaining them in the long run by working closely with the regions. Together, with Energize Colorado and local leaders we’re creating an environment that aides in the long-term success of these hires. Our research has pointed to obvious best practices for ensuring rural regions succeed in recruiting remote companies and employees such as; access to reliable internet and coworking facilities for employees, developing workforce education and retraining programs, connecting businesses to programs and tax incentives.

“Colorado’s economy relies heavily on our local businesses, and as we expand our work outside of the Front Range and into rural Colorado we are eager to see businesses doing the same. What attracts us all to Colorado exists across the state. Our ability to recruit and hire all over Colorado is a key pillar in expanding economic development to communities that need it most.”
-Energize Colorado CEO Wendy Lea

Visit the websites below to view the current job postings.