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Regional Forums…what’s it got to do with me?

I am so excited for EDCC’s inaugural regional forum in a few weeks in Colorado Springs. This forum will focus on the attributes and challenges of Park, Teller, El Paso and Pueblo Counties. Topics range from infrastructure, small business development, workforce challenges, economic resiliency and more. This is an opportunity for EDCC to come together as a true state-wide organization, meet member groups where they are and gain knowledge of issues, acquire tools and resources to implement in our communities, and ultimately to better Colorado’s economy as a whole.

For those that live in other regions of the state, you may be wondering, Regional Forums…what’s it got to do with me? I assure you, it will be worth it. The content is great and likely relevant in all corners of Colorado. Aren’t we all interested in broadband infrastructure, transportation and workforce development? While attendees will hear specific presentations from Park, Teller, El Paso and Pueblo counties, it is more likely than not that your community has or will have similar issues. What better way to freshen up on best practices and network with economic development professionals who have been there, done that?

If Colorado Springs is just too far out of the way, we understand that too. In fact, that is why we are moving to multiple regional forums each year. The next regional event will be in August in beautiful Montrose, CO – so you will have an opportunity to join us in another corner of Colorado.

Thank you for your commitment to economic development in your community, region, and state. Together we succeed.

–Kelly Flenniken, EDCC Chairman