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New State website celebrates companies that have chosen Colorado

Relies heavily on storytelling and encourages other businesses to share their history

The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) just launched a new website that celebrates the companies that have chosen to do business in the state. At the same time, the site provides the needed tools and resources for executives who are considering moving to Colorado and local job creators who are growing and retaining businesses in their communities.

“The momentum of the state’s competitiveness has been fueled by a vibrant small business ecosystem, highly skilled workforce, and the creation of a comprehensive economic development strategy fueled by the Colorado Blueprint,” said Fiona Arnold, executive director of OEDIT. “I’m thrilled that we now have a platform that leverages our tools and resources and focuses on storytelling to feature the value proposition of Colorado as a place to do business.”

Since 2013, more than 111 companies have announced expansions or relocations in the state bringing in more than 27,076 jobs. These projects have supported net new job creation in Colorado’s urban and rural communities across diverse industries of small and large firms.

While national rankings continue to list Colorado in the top for living and doing business, OEDIT wanted a channel where they could provide more in-depth insights than just a list to showcase why being in Colorado is good for business.

“Before we began the process of developing a new website, we conducted a survey of business executives both in and out of state to learn about their impressions of Colorado and where there might be opportunities for our marketing efforts,” said Liz Cahill, chief marketing officer for OEDIT. “We learned that more than half of the respondents had positive feelings associated with the state including confidence in the business climate, emboldened by a smart workforce, and inspired by our location. Our issue was that our website didn’t communicate any of these optimistic outlooks.”

At the heart and soul of the website are stories from executives of Colorado companies discussing why they choose to do business in the state; whether it’s the ability to tap into an invigorated workforce, partner with innovative executives, collaborate with a business-friendly government, or take advantage of the Rocky Mountains.

One of those executives was Becky Yoder, CFO at Surrey Satellite Technology US LLC.

“It was important for me to share the story of how we found success in Colorado, because I wanted to help inspire others, especially international firms that are looking to have a U.S. presence, on the benefits of collaborating with related technology firms who are oftentimes right down the road,” Yoder said. “Partnerships and collaboration in this expansive Colorado aerospace community are key to fulfilling our customers’ missions. We would be hard pressed to find that anywhere else.”

The website features an initial set of success stories, photos and videos from Colorado companies across various industries including Surrey Satellite, Panasonic, High Noon, Boa and Ball Aerospace. In total, more than 60 Colorado companies and organizations contributed to the new website.

“There’s something special about the people who choose Colorado. These are the people who are tackling some of the nation’s most critical issues, and they are doing it together because they want to better their industry and our economy,” Cahill said. “The fact that these executives took time out of their busy schedules to share their story or source a photo is a testament to their passion and drive for ensuring Colorado’s success.”

Cahill hopes that more Colorado companies will be inspired to use this platform as a vehicle to tell their story and is currently seeking submissions indefinitely.

For more information on doing business in Colorado or to submit your company’s story for consideration visit