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Longmont EDP Announces ELEVATE Longmont 2019 Efforts

Longmont EDP Announces ELEVATE Longmont 2019 Efforts

Volunteers to Engage Primary Employers

The Longmont Economic Development Partnership (EDP), in partnership with the City of Longmont has for the past 28 years managed a volunteer “ELEVATE Longmont Committee” that conducts business outreach visits for the community on an annual basis. Part of the Longmont EDP’s efforts to promote a strong local economy includes contacting all of the city’s existing primary employers on a semi-annual basis to identify trends, gather strategic intelligence, address concerns, identify new opportunities, and offer support.

According to Longmont EDP president Jessica Erickson, “The ELEVATE acronym: Engage, Listen, Educate, Value, Acknowledge, Tell the Story, and Execute, really provides a framework for how the committee volunteers, as well as Longmont EDP staff and partners, communicate that participating in these engagement visits is really as much about adding value to their business as it is about collecting data to monitor the local economy.”

In addition to surveying businesses, ELEVATE Longmont volunteers are trained to be able to educate companies about resources available through the Longmont EDP, and to listen for opportunities for the Longmont EDP to provide assistance and solutions for individual businesses.

ELEVATE Longmont volunteers will begin contacting employers the week of January 14 for 2019 engagement visits. Highlights of the primary industry survey results from last year included:

• 64% of Longmont’s primary employer companies reported that their employment needs are increasing
• 67% of Longmont’s responding companies are projecting revenue growth

Tina Ramey with VolkBell and Chair of the ELEVATE Longmont Committee commented that “The Longmont EDP has been conducting their annual survey for over 25 years and the results of these discussions have continuously increased proactive communications between the City of Longmont, Longmont EDP and primary businesses. These interviews, led by volunteer investors and staff, help drive the mission to keep our economy strong and strategically plan for the future.