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Job Quality as a BRE Strategy?

Job Quality as a BRE Strategy?

It’s as if “The Great Resignation” arrived on the scene—a problem—looking for a solution, which turned out to be Job Quality; a topic that has garnered an increasing number of adherents since its early arrival in 2016.

What is this job quality movement? Who does it impact, and why should economic development agencies—and their member organizations—be concerned over whether local businesses are taking steps to improve their policies on job quality and equity?


Five subject matter experts addressed these and other issues during the Economic Development Council of Colorado’s “Job Quality used as a Business Retention, Expansion & Attraction Tool” webinar, September 15, 2021.

As a follow-on to this Drive|Lead|Succeed Virtual Series webinar, the panelists agreed to sit down for interviews with members from the EDCC’s Communications Committee, to discuss how communities, employers, and non-profit organizations can advocate on behalf of job quality initiatives.

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Thought-leadership Contributors + Speakers:


This one-of-kind virtual event will get to the heart of these issues, provide data to back up theories developed in the exploration, to result in a thought-leader position report that our professionals will be able to use to help guide conversations and actions at the local level. (Read our latest paper on “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Shifts, Trends, and Unicorns”)

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