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Colorado has partnered with Arizona and New Mexico to bring three IEDC courses to the region including the CEcD Exam. For those of you striving to become a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD), this partnership will ensure your access to classes closer to home and at a discount. You must us the partners codes for the state in which you take the class (codes listed below). This will give you the lowest price possible up to the final registration date.



The core objective of this analytical course is to explain the financial tools used to stimulate private sector investment that results in the creation of permanent, private sector jobs, increased productivity and improvement in the local tax base. Specifically, the course will review current debt, equity, grant and incentive-based financing programs that are accessible to practitioners both rural and urban. Moreover, course participants will learn how to calculate debt/service ratios, cash on cash rate of return, capitalization rates, underwriting ratios, debt coverage ratios and similar financial tools used to identify project feasibility. Course instructors will also spend time teaching how potential investors measure return on investment (ROI) how lenders evaluate risk. Participants will have an opportunity to work through multiple case studies in order to solidify their knowledge of the finance programs.


  • Learn how to help small businesses adjust the imbalance between cost and revenues
  • Explore the fundamentals of reducing risk of default and foreclosure
  • Understand credit risks – matching sources and uses of funds to lower monthly payment and strengthen cash flow position
  • Review maturity risks – providing collateral substitution with guarantee of collateral cushion
  • Evaluate Community Development Block Grants, Rural Business Enterprise Grants and Public Infrastructure Grants
  • Revolving Loan Funds, Community Development Financial Institutions
  • New Markets Tax Credits, Historic Preservation Tax Credits, Tax Increment Financing

August 14-16, 2019
Denver, CO
(Location TBD)


IEDC Member: $595
Non-member: $770
Full Time Student: $125
Pricing will increase after July 5, 2019

Use course code when registering: CO19

CERTIFIED ECONOMIC DEVELOPER PROGRAM – The standard of excellence for the profession

You have the experience, skills, and knowledge of a great economic developer. Now get recognized for your achievements through the Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) program.

IEDC’s Certified Economic Developers (CEcDs) are acknowledged around the world as having achieved the pinnacle of excellence in the economic development field.

The Certified Economic Developers (CEcD) is the leading industry designation. The CEcD program gives you the opportunity to develop core competencies across the breadth of topics necessary to being a well-rounded and successful economic developer. And there is simply no substitute for CEcD certification when competing for top jobs in the field.

Why It Matters to Hire a Certified Economic Developer
For employers, learn more about the value of having a Certified Economic Developer on staff: “Why It Matters to Hire a CEcD” (PDF article from IEDC’s Economic Development Now newsletter).

Requirements to become certified

Need an updated manual? Send your manual to 734 15th Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC 20005 Attn: Emily Bell and she’ll send you the new version free of charge.

Congratulations to our recent CEcD Recipients!



The EDCC partners with New Mexico and Arizona to bring IEDC certification classes and exams closer to home and at a discount. Without this partnership, the opportunity to gain access to this level of professional development not only requires a financial commitment, but a time commitment as well. By bringing these opportunities closer to home, more ED professionals have a better chance of getting their CEcD certification and what isn’t great about that? Great for you and even greater for Colorado!


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