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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Shifts, Trends, + Unicorns

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Shifts, Trends, + Unicorns

We are at a tipping point and economic developers need to be ready to harness the opportunities that are beginning to come to light. As mentioned by one of our past speakers this year, we are dawning a new age that will bring economic opportunities unseen in the past century – somewhat akin to the Roaring Twenties. Innovation is charging ahead creating newly anticipated technologies that will increase economic opportunities for our communities and Economic Developers need to be prepared for the coming wave.

In the same spirit as EDCC’s 2020 Virtual Series began, we will tackle the difficult questions, analysis, and trends of the shifting entrepreneurial ecosystem, and by identifying the opportunities facing our communities. EDCC’s Events & Programming, Data, and Communication Committees are coming together to bring a one-of-kind virtual event that will get to the heart of these issues, provide data to back up theories developed in the exploration, to result in a thought-leader position report that our professionals will be able to use to help guide conversations and actions at the local level. (Read our latest paper on “Where the Retail and Restaurant Industries are Headed – Post Pandemic“)

Thought-leadership Contributors + Speakers:


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