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Colorado Creative Industries launches Mask Design Challenge

Colorado Creative Industries has launched the Colorado Mask Design Challenge, a design contest, for Colorado kids.
All Colorado school age children are invited to create a design representing the masks they want to see in their school, their neighborhood or their home.
Some of the submitted designs will be featured on the Colorado Creative Industries Facebook page and a select few will be printed on a real mask produced by Colorado companies.
The Mask Design Challenge was created by the Governor’s Innovation Response Team, responsible for pulling together rapid-response creative programs as part of the state’s response to the COVID19 pandemic.
“The purpose of this creative effort is to create a new normal with kids and communicate the value of wearing face masks for public health reasons,” said Margaret Hunt, Colorado Creative Industries Director. “This design challenge will provide a fun and engaging means for kids to express their creativity, for parents to engage with their children during this perplexing time and discuss the importance of safety and social distancing.”
Program Guidelines and entry submission forms can be found at