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Gov. Polis, Lt. Governor Primavera: Colorado Is the Best Home For Space Command

Governor Jared Polis and Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera offered their support for Colorado being selected as the permanent home of U.S. Space Command. After an intensive process, Colorado Springs and Aurora recently submitted their respective applications to the Department of the Air Force. Under the leadership of Lt. Governor Primavera, the State and Federal Delegation provided support and guidance throughout the process.

“The Air Force should make the smart choice and select Colorado as the permanent home of U.S. Space Command. Whether it’s our resilient economy, our proud military heritage, our thriving aerospace industry, our terrific  schools, or our highly educated workforce and esteemed research institutions, Colorado truly has it all,” said Governor Jared Polis.

The Governor and the administration urge the President and the Air Force to make Colorado the permanent home to U.S. Space Command.

“Colorado is the legacy home of U.S. Space Command. We offer the Air Force an unparalleled ecosystem that will ensure the operational success of U.S. Space Command for decades to come. We are the past, present, and future of the mission” said Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera. “The choice is clear and simple: keep Space Command in Colorado.”  

Lt. Governor Primavera is Vice-Chair of the Aerospace States Association and Co-Chair of Colorado’s Space Commission. In May, the federal government announced that Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs will be the provisional headquarters of U.S. Space Command until a permanent location is established. The final decision is expected in January 2021.