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Deana Sheriff


West End Economic Development Corporation

Deana Sheriff is the Executive Director for West End Economic Development Corporation. Since April 2017, Deana has been working to mitigate the economic effects of both a mine closure and power plant closure. Deana’s task is to help the region diversify the economy, and not only survive the impact of the closures and loss of high-paying jobs, but to come out the other side a stronger and more resilient community.

Deana has worked in economic development for over 25 years, working in both metropolitan and rural settings. Deana’s passion for rural communities has helped to craft unique solutions that work for isolated regions. She particularly enjoys helping small businesses grow and prosper.

Deana received her Certification in Economic Development (CEcD) in 2016. She loves to travel and considers herself a Lifelong Learner. She’s found that she likes the West End so much, she has permanently relocated to the region, and intends to call this her home long into the future.