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Announcing 2021 ‘Statesman of the Year’ – Stewart Meek

Top people, places and projects in economic development honored at annual awards dinner and ceremony.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO (Oct. 21, 2021) – Stewart Meek was awarded the ‘Statesman of the Year’ award for 2021. The honor was presented at EDCC’s annual EDIE Awards Ceremony held in conjunction with its annual Drive|Lead|Succeed Conference held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado last week.

“I am so grateful to the EDCC for this award. EDCC, and all economic development leaders across the state that make up its membership, play a vital role behind the scenes in helping set the policy stage for a vibrant and future-creating Colorado economy,” stated Meek. “I am grateful to work alongside such wonderful and talented people on the public policy committee and all EDCC members in this effort.”

Since 1989, EDCC has recognized nearly 200 members, volunteers, communities, companies, and legislators for their outstanding achievement in economic development in the State of Colorado. This year, EDCC celebrated the achievements of 10 individuals, communities, partners, and legislators.

The Statesman award is meant to go to an EDCC Member who has provided exemplary service to the organization advocating for EDCC in a non-partisan way, demonstrating leadership in strengthening Colorado’s economy through public policy achievement, and being a leading voice behind the scenes on bills aimed at strengthening Colorado’s economy. Stewart was selected this year for the ‘Statesman of the Year’ award for his outstanding achievements in the following activities:

  • Stewart committed a lot of time and effort towards the success of EDCC’s Public Policy Committee and should not be overlooked.
  • Stewart actively built consensus among PPC members to encourage/discourage the passage of legislation and express their positions whether in favor or against.
    • Activated PPC members on numerous anti-business bills which would increase tax rates or cut tax incentives, litigation cases and expenses for businesses, and place mandates or restrictions on businesses.
    • Activated PPC member to support numerous pro-eco deco bills to create or fund workforce development programs, outdoor recreation office, economic development organizations, affordable housing options, tax credits and exemptions, etc.
  • For high importance issues, Stewart would draft letters and statements of support on behalf of EDCC – this included reaching out to state legislators, congressional members, national advocacy efforts and state partners.
  • Worked with our partners (CML, C3, Denver Chamber, DCI, and others) to work collaboratively in promoting good public policy.

“The EDCC’s public policy committee and Board of Directors have a lot to be proud of for their work through such a challenging time in 2020 and 2021,” mentioned Meek. “This award is a recognition of that collective effort, and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it.”

“This year’s winners represent the forefront of economic development achievement and premier talent that contribute to the overall health and vibrancy of our Colorado’s communities,” said 2021 EDCC Board Chair and Region 9 Economic Development District of Southwest Colorado, Executive Director, Laura Lewis Marchino. “We are so proud to recognize and showcase these individuals and organizations, that improve the quality of life for our citizens.”

Each of these winners, give a glimpse into what our professionals and stakeholders – here in Colorado –  are doing, in keeping Colorado’s economy moving forward. More than ever, the value and importance of sustainable economic development, needs to be shined upon as we power the great economic comeback. EDCC is honored to represent these winners and their important work and achievements.