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Announcing 2021 ‘Legislator Lifetime Achievement Award’ – Sen. Chris Holbert

Top people, places and projects in economic development honored at annual awards dinner and ceremony.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO (Oct. 21, 2021) – Senator Holbert was awarded the ‘Legislator Lifetime Achievement’ award for 2021. The honor was presented at EDCC’s annual EDIE Awards Ceremony held in conjunction with its annual Drive|Lead|Succeed Conference held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado last week.

Since 1989, EDCC has recognized nearly 200 members, volunteers, communities, companies, and legislators for their outstanding achievement in economic development in the State of Colorado. This year, EDCC celebrated the achievements of 10 individuals, communities, partners, and legislators.

Sen. Holbert was selected this year for the ‘Legislator Lifetime Achievement Award’ for its achievements in the following activities:

  • Over his twelve years as a legislator, Sen. Holbert has been a champion of reducing business personal property tax, creating tax incentives and credits, and reducing barriers for small business, all to help a vital business climate for Colorado.
  • Beginning in 2014, Sen. Holbert ran legislation to extend the ability of local governments to negotiate business incentive agreements as a way for communities to attract and retain businesses.
  • In 2015, he sponsored legislation for sales & use tax refunds for clean technology and medical device firms (HB 15-1180), and data centers (HB 15-1158). He continued this trend in 2016, by running HB 16-1119 to expand the sales & use tax exemption for aircraft.
  • When the pandemic hit in 2020, Sen. Holbert reached bipartisan consensus to provide emergency assistance and housing relief to many Coloradans through SB 20B-002 Housing and Direct COVID Emergency Assistance.
  • Then in the 2021 legislative session, he sponsored numerous federal stimulus bills – HB 21-1329 American Rescue Plan Act Money to Invest Affordable Housing, SB 21-252 Community Revitalization Grant Programs, and SB 21-291 Economic Recovery and Relief Cash Fund.
  • Holbert has been an endless champion for economic development efforts which contributes to our vital economy.

“This year’s winners represent the forefront of economic development achievement and premier talent that contribute to the overall health and vibrancy of our Colorado’s communities,” said 2021 EDCC Board Chair and Region 9 Economic Development District of Southwest Colorado, Executive Director, Laura Lewis Marchino. “We are so proud to recognize and showcase these individuals and organizations, that improve the quality of life for our citizens.”

Each of these winners, give a glimpse into what our professionals and stakeholders – here in Colorado –  are doing, in keeping Colorado’s economy moving forward. More than ever, the value and importance of sustainable economic development, needs to be shined upon as we power the great economic comeback. EDCC is honored to represent these winners and their important work and achievements.