2018 Legislative Session Outlook

We are pleased to present to you the 2018 Legislative Session Outlook prepared by our lobbyist firm, Bowditch & Cassell Public Affairs. The full report can be accessed at EDCConline.org/legislative-session.

As the Second Regular Session of the 71st General Assembly convenes on January 10, 2018, several high profile key issues will be discussed in 2018: transportation funding, affordable housing, PERA, and the state budget. Also, the marijuana tax policy as it relates to the unintended consequence of the Hospital Provider Fee (SB17-267) and its inability of nine special districts, including the Regional Transportation District (RTD) to collect their share of the statewide retail marijuana sales tax.

Two federal issues impacting Colorado:

  • Tax Changes: Congress has passed the most significant tax changes since 1986, and its impact will affect Colorado’s General Fund revenue. Colorado is one of seven states that links its income tax to federal taxable income. With the reduction of federal exemptions and deductions, Colorado’s General Fund revenues will increase.
  • Health Care: One upcoming key issue will be the re-authorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This currently provides health coverage for approximately 75,000 children and pregnant women in Colorado, and is not authorized at the federal level past January. Recently, the Legislative Joint Budget Committee approved a “1331” interim supplemental request to continue the program through February.


With the passage of the Raise the Bar ballot measure (Amendment 71) in 2016, and its geographic signature requirements, Coloradans should see shorter ballots in the future. Realistically, only issues with broad-based support throughout the state can reach the ballot – we would put education and transportation in this category.

Looking towards the 2018 election cycle, a number of measures have already been submitted:

  • Candidate Disclosure of Income Tax Returns
  • Transportation Funding
  • Limit on Local Housing Growth
  • Prohibit the Sale of Smart Phones to Minors Under 13
  • Increase Funding for K-12 Education

Read the FULL REPORT by Bowditch & Cassell Public Affairs

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