A Letter From the 2016 EDCC Chair

A New Year with New Beginnings

Dear EDCC Members,

I am honored to be the 2016 EDCC chair and am looking forward to a very productive and successful year. The EDCC board and its committee chairs have been hard at work, developing this year’s work plan. We have found new and exciting ways to strengthen the EDCC’s core principles in professional development, conferences and events, and public policy. We are already off to a great start with the recent announcement of the EDCC’s first operations director, Kim Woodworth. We are thrilled to have Kim on our team, and together with her talents, the EDCC board, and our membership, the EDCC will be sure to have an incredible year.

As you are all aware, the Colorado General Assembly convened last week, for the 2016 legislative session. As part of our mission, EDCC will continue to provide you with information that impacts economic development efforts in your local communities. The EDCC public policy committee, made up of member participants from around the state, will continue to work with our long time lobbyist, Danny Tomlinson and Lobby Colorado. Danny will be providing us with regular updates and monitoring of legislation that is related to economic development.

As we work through the legislative session, we ask that you share with us what is most important to your communities. We will also be asking you for your input, testimony, and letters of support for the things that are important to the EDCC’s economic development efforts. To help keep you more informed on what bills the EDCC is watching, use this link 2016 Bill Report. Please provide feedback on legislative issues to our public policy chair, Ryan Stachelski (contact information below).

To help serve and understand our membership better, we will be asking you to participate in a public policy member survey. We will also share with you a legislator engagement tool kit with key information for you to engage with your local legislators.

Thank you for your engagement in EDCC and the legislative efforts that impact us all.

Here is to a productive and successful year!

Kelly Flenniken