ACT NOW! Support Reform for Construction Defects

SB17-156 Homeowners’ Association Construction Defects Lawsuit Approval Timelines is set to go to the House Committee on April 19. We need your help by contacting key legislators to help them understand the importance of granting this important bill a fair hearing. ACT NOW

Share the Facts about SB17-156:

  • Provides a common sense and balanced solution that protects consumers from faulty construction while also increasing diverse and more affordable options for home ownership
  • Encourages construction of housing options that are within reach of many first time homeowners, seniors, young professionals and others who have effectively been blocked from home ownership at a time when the state’s rental market has skyrocketed
  • Defines a quick resolution process for homeowner associations who are trying to correct construction defects, while also protecting homeowners who are trying to re-sell or finance their homes from actions taken by their boards without their consent or knowledge.
  • Does not preclude a single homeowner from pursing legal action for allegations of construction defects against a builder
  • Encourages new multi-family development near light rail and transit stations that provide easy access to commuting, shopping and urban-living options
  • Provides a more stable environment for many Coloradans who have been precluded from putting down strong roots and for cities and towns which are finding it more difficult to build established and less transient communities

How can you participate in the conversation?

  • Join HOA Colorado on social media and ignite a Twitter storm. Use the hashtag #NoPlaceLikeHomeCO to tweet about the benefits of SB17-156 and follow them @Housing4CO
  • Share and “like” posts on Facebook at Housing4CO
  • Write a letter to the editor in support of SB17-156. Submit to The Denver Post or your local paper

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