OEDIT – Annual Report 2017

A Letter from Governor John Hickenlooper and Executive Director Stephanie Copeland:

2017 has been a historic year of opportunity and growth in Colorado. From our ranking as U.S. News & World Report’s top overall state economy to national recognition as the number one state job market, we have witnessed unprecedented growth and prosperity.

We choose to call Colorado home and, with our business-focused environment and vibrant quality of life, companies from around the nation and around the world are choosing Colorado as well. This year’s report outlines how we have captured the attention of business leaders who have, in turn, partnered with Coloradans to grow business and create opportunity across the state.

With opportunity comes responsibility and, during this time of unparalleled growth, we are mindful to ensure that communities and generations are not left behind. Technology and innovation are thriving in our business centers, yet we know that shared success is sustained success.

That’s why initiatives such as Colorado Blueprint 2.0 continue the commitment to share innovation, access to capital and vital networks with all regions of our state. When we share our technology, talents and resources across Colorado, we unlock our true potential not only from corner to corner but from generation to generation.

But there’s work ahead. 2018 offers real opportunity to build on shared success and turn momentum into a lasting legacy. Success will be measured both by the height of our achievements and the breadth of our reach. Our world continues to change and, while our state has opened a global bridge to tomorrow, we remain committed to ensuring that all of Colorado is on the path to prosperity.

Read the FULL REPORT here

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