Craig & Moffat Counties’ Request for Proposal

Craig & Moffat Counties is requesting a project RFP. Deadline to submit RFP is April 3, 2017 by 9 a.m.

Moffat County’s economy has depended on coal and natural gas extraction and related power generation for the past 40 years and has been subject to the boom and bust cycle that accompanies a highly regulated, market-dependent commodity. We have invested heavily in economic development over the past decade with little success. Our efforts have been broad, anecdotal and lacked investment for implementation. We are in the perfect storm for progress as there is momentum amongst community leaders backed by a voter-approved tax earmarked for economic development.

The Craig Chamber of Commerce, the Craig/Moffat County Economic Development Partnership, Colorado Northwestern Community College and the Craig office of the Colorado Workforce Center are partners forming Moffat County’s “Smart Business Alliance.” In the process of developing a data-based business education series, the Alliance, recognized our need for comprehensive data analyzed specifically for business opportunities. The concept of a Business Opportunity Toolkit was formed and local support has been impressive. The Craig Chamber of Commerce is the project’s fiscal sponsor.

Create a “Business Opportunity Toolkit” that will provide the information needed to make data-based decisions in our business recruitment and development efforts. The information garnered from the development of this toolkit will define our target markets and our opportunities for primary job growth. The goal is to use this data to recruit industry that provides primary jobs, help existing businesses make better expansion decisions and to provide a roadmap for diversifying our economy from its dependence on coal and natural gas extraction and power generation.
Moffat County has a recently completed Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. The Business Opportunity Toolkit is expected to be completed independently of the recommendations in that plan.

A publication and/or collection of collaterals – a toolkit – that can be used to recruit new businesses, focus internal economic development investment and assist existing businesses in choosing their best opportunities for growth. The toolkit will assess existing supply chain gaps and opportunities in emerging markets.
Toolkit will include: ● Market Analysis ● Supply Chain & Gap Analysis ● Tactical analysis ● Local programs & recruitment tools

Project Tasks:

  • Perform Supply Chain Analysis for Traded Sector Businesses, Visitor Potential Businesses and Population Driven Businesses. Address not only existing industry, but potential and emerging industries. Validate national supply chain templates with local interviews, surveys or focus groups.
  • Provide recommendations as to available opportunities and the best strategies for developing our local supplier network.
  • Review existing studies that relate to economic and community development.
  • Review the market analysis that we will be completing internally and in tandem with the Supply Chain and Gap analysis and make recommendations on for inclusions or changes in our analysis of the data. Share any data that could enhance the final market analysis.
  • Analyze the county’s economy in relationship to the regional economy and the projected regional and national challenges in the next five years.
  • Recommend strategy action steps in the form of a Tactical Analysis/Implementation Plan. Given the data, what is Moffat County’s best investment to add primary jobs and increase tax revenue? Identify proposed development opportunities.
  • Propose an ongoing process for implementing and monitoring the action plan, including guidance on how best to get this information in front of potential investors and targeted industries.
  • Prepare a final report that details the source of information and process, individual industry/area analysis and recommendations for each area.

The final report should include:

  1. Supply Chain Analysis for results and recommendations for each area
  2. Baseline analysis of the economy, including the County’s strengths and weaknesses
  3. Specific business recruitment goals and objectives for the next five years
  4. Specific programs, including potential projects, and estimated expenditures planned for the next five years
  5. Explanation of how the goals, objectives, projects, and expenditures will implement the economic development action steps
  6. A recommendation for measuring progress
    — Formal, public product releases for key stakeholders and the community. This would entail 2 separate trips to Craig and an option for another should the release timing lend itself to any local events.
    — Collaborate with Chamber on collaterals, opportunities and design.

This project should be completed within six months of award of bid. April 3, 2017 by 9 a.m.

Submissions preferred via email to, or though ftp or other internet/cloud-based file sharing service. Or, submit one (1) unbound original and five (5) bound, sealed copies of the proposal no later than 9 a.m. MST Monday, April 3, 2017, to:
Christina Oxley, Executive Director
Craig Chamber of Commerce & Moffat County Visitor Center
360 E. Victory Way, Craig, CO 81625

Questions may be submitted to Christina Oxley at (970) 824-5689 or at

Late proposals will not be accepted.


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